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GlobeSoft provides 3600 IT service components including
  • Physical System Design
  • Software Development
  • Large Systems deployment
  • Application Support
  • System Continuity Management
  • Infrastructure Optimization

focusing on the following 5 services areas:
  • Portals
  • Business Process Management & Workflow
  • Document Archiving & Enterprise Content Management
  • Application Development Outsourcing
  • Mobility

Physical System Design
Physical system design is a step that is usually overlooked by software vendors and is underestimated by the client. Usually it ends up with either an under-performing system or a very expensive system having low Return-On-Investment (ROI). GlobeSoft infrastructure team designs physical architecture based on the actual system usage pattern. The design follows Microsoft recommended blueprints and system capacity planning tools. In designing new systems, GlobeSoft team follows Microsoft’s collection of best practices and documentations templates that standardize physical system design, known as Microsoft Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA).
Software Development
Software development is a common service provided by every professional services software company. They are always fast in developing systems with cutting-edge technologies. However, they frequently miss one simple yet extremely important point. This is the proper understanding of business requirements and how the IT solution aligns with business goals. GlobeSoft pays strong attention to client business domain. Business analysis comes in the center of our Software Development Life Cycle as one of the most important phases in the software development process. GlobeSoft has many success stories in creating systems that fits into the client business process and improves it.
Large Systems deployment
GlobeSoft can deploy large and sophisticated systems reliably. It manages large deployments through project management practices where we build requirement and design documents, deployment schedule and quality plan. Systems deployed are thoroughly tested before handing it over to the client team whom we intensively train in order to work independently as much as possible.
Application Support
GlobeSoft provides source-code level application support for its developed applications. It has different support models based on client needs and budget. The support service is available 24 by 7 based on the pre-set service level agreement. GlobeSoft controls the support service through both operational and customer satisfaction metrics. GlobeSoft also provides support services to applications developed by any third party provided that application source code is available.
System Continuity Management
GlobeSoft proposes a high end service of maintaining system continuity. GlobeSoft utilizes a group of Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Operation Management (MOM), Microsoft System Management Server (SMS), Microsoft ISA and Microsoft Antigen to manage system continuity. The objective is to ensure that any given IT service provides value to the client in the event that normal availability solutions fail. GlobeSoft implements this through the following key concepts
  • Set and manage Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Set and manage Operating Level Agreements (OLAs)
  • Risk management o Failover and recovery
  • Contingency plans and drills
Infrastructure Optimization
GlobeSoft offers assessment services to client infrastructure. It ensures that it meets its operating level performance. Also, GlobeSoft can assess client infrastructure maturity based on Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Model. As per Microsoft model, client infrastructure maturity level can be Basic, Standard, Rational or Optimized. GlobeSoft can help its clients move from one level of maturity to the next based on the enterprise size, IT needs and available budget.
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