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SOS is application that helps people in emergency situations to seek help by pressing just one button on the phone.
Once you are trapped in the elevator, in accident or have a medical attack, all what you need to do is to push a button on your phone and SOS message will be automatically sent to people you identified earlier as possible helpers.
Instead of calling those people explaining what is happening, the application will do this for you by sending message containing a predefined body and your location (using GPS) to a predefined list of contacts in the situation profile you had chosen. Optionally pictures taken by mobile camera and voice recording can be saved to the mobile as log (hardware dependent).
- Platform
  • BlackBerry Devices:
    - that run OS 4.5 or later (for example Bold 9000, 9700, Torch 9800, Curve 8520, 8900, 9300, Pearl 9100, Storm 9520)
- Features
  • Predefined emergency profiles: (accident, trapped, fire, heart attack and Intruder).
  • User can define new emergency profiles.
  • User can fully customize the default emergency profiles.
  • User can define contact numbers for each profile to reach during the emergency.
  • A user defined text message will be sent as SMS to the contact.
  • The GPS location will be sent to contacts (hardware dependent).
  • Picture and voice recording can be saved to the mobile as log (hardware dependent).
  • A keypad shortcut for quick silent general SOS message using the default profile settings.
  • Application can run on any resolution and screen size.
  • Application runs automatically in start up of the device.

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