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BPM and Workflow
Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) are becoming two of the hottest technology strategies. Enterprise adoption and convergence are fundamentally changing how IT and business (or mission) stakeholders work together. BPM and SOA are dramatically changing the way of how enterprises are conducting business and delivering services to become more efficient and cost-effective. And more importantly businesses can (with by using BPM and SOA) respond much faster to changes imposed by competition, customers, or management. workflow
Because of the dynamic differences in the use and perceptions of these different technologies, there are both opportunities and threats for organizations. Therefore, it is very important when implementing BPM or SOA to work with a partner who understands the challenges, risks, and the nature of your business. This will guarantee the implementation success, fast-to-market, and maximum ROI. GlobeSoft has such long experience that enable us help our clients implement BPM and SOA technologies the best way using the most appropriate technology.
In this area, GlobeSoft is a partner with Microsoft in using the workflow engine embedded in the MOSS 2007. From our experience, using MOSS 2007 along with Form Server and Infopath can give excellent ROI in building human-centric workflows. In more sophisticated cases, GlobeSoft is Ultimus partner. Ultimus is a global leader in business process automation and workflow solutions. GlobeSoft offers end-to-end business process automation solutions including analyzing original processes, designing the new processes, implementation, integration with legacy systems, deployment, support, and training.
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